Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's in your BikeBurrito?

Wait. Don't have one, yet? Well, whatareya waiting for? Order them online here. And when you do, take a photo and upload it to the BikeBurrito Flickr Group.

Don't know what a BikeBurrito is? Well, watch this video with OhSoCatchy music. You'll be humming it all day...week...month. Trust me.


Doohickie said...

I really want to get one of these. Way cool. Probably when I get my old Schwinn done up as a fixie.

ScottBRuin said...

Russ, I'm a bit worried, I was hoping to see a disclaimer a la:

"No Brooks Saddles were harmed in the filming of this wacky Youtube video."

Justin August said...

I have-
1 Spare Tube
1 Patch kit
1 roll of black electrical tape
various allen wrenches
Half an Alien multitool
Park mini chainbreaker
Tire lever
a few zip ties.

That's in my big one. I have a matching set of all three sizes though.

MTBMaven said...

I went with Acorn's 2 strap wrap rather than this bag. Pretty happy with it so far.

sjauch said...

Thanks, I just ordered one. Stop posting cool things. The GSI kettle is next on my list.

rockandrollcannibal said...

Quicken mini pump (outstanding performance for such a small critter), park tire levers (with patches), crank bros. multi-tool, dumbell wrench, mini first aid kit (some band aids and alcohols swabs 'n' such). Might toss a cliff bar in there on a long ride.