Thursday, April 2, 2009

Upcoming Reviews: Dapper Dans and EOS Bike Light

Some upcoming reviews for you in the next few days.

Dapper Dan Ergo Grips

These grips, made by Portland Design Works just arrived so I popped them out of the box for some quick photos before I put them on a bike and run them through the paces. Initial impressions? Wow. These look great and feel great on the hands. I'm super impressed. The leather is thick and plush and seems to give a lot of cushion. Can't wait to ride with them.

Princeton Tec EOS Bike Light

Could this light by Princeton Tec be the ultimate bike touring light? One minute it's on the bike, the next it's on your head helping you set up camp in the dark. Popping it out of the box, the light felt good in the hands. Nice and dense. This is no flimsy girlieman light, but something that should last the rigors of a bike tour. It comes with accessories to mount it on your bike, your head and your helmet. I'll be taking it with me this weekend on a quickie excursion to San Diego and back.


Chris Kostman said...

Just tried to get one and the Princeton Tec site to which you linked says it is discontinued! (You don't learn this until you click to buy it via Shopatraon.) It looks amazing. I will start surfing the net to find one somewhere. Would be a great back-up and helmet light for Trans-Iowa next month! Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Hope to hear about the P Tec light soon.