Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some snaps from the road...

Picked up an Esbit stove at an Adventure 16 store located conveniently across the street from Pacific Coast Cycles

Holds up the GSI kettle pretty well.

Inside Pacific Coast Cycles, home for any epicurean cyclist. Need an obscure part? Walk around long enough and you'll probably trip on it.

TA cranks anyone?

The perfect firewood getting bike.

What it looks like from the cockpit.

Prototypes of some Rene Herse rando bags.

The vegan B-17?

Getting a tour of Speedplay's Museum of Pedals.

A tight fit for the Bilenky.


Dottie said...

The firewood picture is striking!

Anonymous said...

I like the stove. How effective is it?

skvidal said...

I would love to try out one of those dunlop rubber saddles. Just to see how if it works and holds up.

MTBMaven said...

Russ, What camera did you take on the trip?

Evan said...

Dude I'd know that shot anywhere! I'm talking about your ride along side the San Diego river. I used to take that route to work until I moved. Looks like you hit it in full bloom too!

calitexican said...

@skividal: i would love to try a saddle like that too. i'm vegetarian, and love the look of brooks, but have a hard time dealing with the leather-ness. does anyone know where i could find a dunlop style saddle? the internets is leading me to a lot of posts from 8 years ago. thanks!