Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sigg vs. Kleen Kanteen

While we're on the topic of water bottles. Here's a post that discusses the differences between Sigg and KKs.


JPTwins said...

crazy, i was just going to ask you about your thoughts on Sigg. i have the sigg similar to what Rivendell says, except it's red and powder coated. Riv raves about it, but still the Sigg website doesn't say that much about their liner.

I think we'll be upgrading the kids' bottles to Kleen Kanteen now, rather than the Siggs we were about to get!

We also recently got a stainless steel rice cooker, which is fantastic.

Last question -- what cookware do you use for camping? They all seems to have teflon, and i realize if i want to clean up fast, then it might not bother me.

Matt said...

While I can see that some of the rationale for choosing Kleen Kanteen makes sense, the bit about BPA is somewhat ridiculous. It almost sounds like the author is going out of her way to slam Sigg. Sure, we should be thinking about this, but the study she takes issue with actually seems to have been conducted fairly legitimately, and under conditions beyond those most canteens would be subjected to (90 degrees celsius for 3 days - that's 194 degrees Fahrenheit). Worth it to add that Sigg fares way better than a regular bike bottle or old Nalgene in this regard, too.

Anonymous said...

How and why does the Sigg fare better? Sigg bottles utilize expoxy linings, which contain BPA. Klean Kanteen bottles have no lining.