Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Western Bike Rally

If you live in central/southern California and you like cycling, you owe it to yourself to go to the Great Western Bike Rally. It has been described as church picnic with Bike as the religion. It's 3 days of camping at the Paso Robles fairgrounds (or moteling).

I'm planning to go this year because I had such a blast last year. There's a Huffy toss, a bicycle swap meet and a bicycle show (my Bilenky won 1st last year!). There are "rides" but they're all unorganized. You grab a route sheet and you go. Cycling in the Paso area is just beautiful.

Of course, it wouldn't be enough if my friends and I went JUST for the rally. We're going to turn it into a week long bicycle tour. We're riding up from San Luis Obispo and camping at Moro Bay. We're also going to ride back from the rally, up and over the range into the Carizo Plain, following the San Andreas fault to the 33 into the Sespe Wilderness and down to Ventura. Phew. Can't wait.

Hope to see some readers out there!

Here are some snaps from last year:


Protorio said...

Oh, no...I'm in Chicago that weekend. Otherwise, I'd ride up from San Diego. Maybe next year....

Unknown said...

Missed it last year but really looking forward to it this year!