Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stars and 'Stache!

Looking for a fun way to dress up your bike? These are some semi-custom designs Laura came up with for my Surly last night. Both are simple and fun and are sure to turn a few inquisitive heads (especially the 'stache!).

Both the designs are pierced out by hand, hammered to fit your headtube (or any tube, for that matter), and given a slight texture and patina. These are copper, but they are available in sterling silver for the extra bling (and contrast if you have a dark colored bike).

The star can come stock as just a plain star in silver or copper. I had her pierce out an initial. (Stock Star - $45 copper, $55 sterling / Star with monogram - $60 copper, $75 sterling).

Here's the 'stache ($45 copper, $55 sterling). I love it. Cute. Understated. Gives a sly wink to those in the know. Also great for those who are hair-impaired.

If you'd like to order your own 'Stache or Star, email her today!

Which should I put on the Surly?


Spencer Salmon said...

The 'Stache is totally cool, but I really like how the star looks.

Gary said...

Clearly every bicycle needs a mustache.

JPTwins said...

i like the Russ Star too, but lucky you have multiple bikes for multiple headbadges!

how to the non-screw ones attach? gorilla glue?