Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Pedal Museum

Ok..I finished this one a little earlier. I took some audio and snaps at the San Diego Show and have one or two more of these to put together. The person that is speaking is Richard Bryne (atleast I'm pretty sure), the CEO of Speedplay. Super cool! On another note, what video player do you think I should use for future vids? Youtube or Vimeo or ?? Youtube seems to have the most users, but dang if it ain't ugly as sin.

Epicurean Cyclist - The Pedal Museum from Russ Roca on Vimeo.

For more on Speedplay's pedal museum, click here.


Colin said...


Yokota Fritz said...


And great job with this, Russ.

joelprice.com said...

Why not do both and post the vimeo video on you blog. Best of both worlds. I wouldn't ignore Youtube because of the large user base.

Erik Weese said...

The images are great as usual. The sound is clear as well. But you need video to break it up. Ease up on the Ken Burns.