Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is Mixte the new Fixie?

Well, probably not yet. Though I did see a really nice one at last nights bike advocacy meeting (photos soon). SOMA seems to think there's some interest. Check out their blog about more information on their Buena Vista. (thanks to RL from for the tip.)

* The Buena Vista is a true mixte with the double top tube/stays.
* This is not just for the ladies. "Mixte" (pronounced "MEExt") is French for "mixed" or "unisex"and fully envisioned for both men and women from the beginning. North Americans have come to pronounce it "mix-ty". Both are acceptable to use.
* Ride characteristics/geometry is somewhere between road sport and touring
* An oversized butted downtube makes this frame stiffer than the mixtes of the 70's.
* Removable decals make it easier for you to customize your ride
* Four sizes to start: 42, 50, 54, 58cm
* Horizontal dropouts w/hanger allows you to run it with a rear derailleur, with internal geared hubs, or single speed
* Downtube shifter bosses
* Rack and fender braze-ons
* Bosses for single bottle cage


Nathan Backous said...

If they made a 60cm size I would definitely snag one.

d*pow said...


Saw one at FreeRange Cycles in Freemont on Tuesday. Very, very nice. The frame does accomodate two water bottle cages.

skvidal said...

Rivendell has their new mixte frames (Betty Foy and Yves Gomez) and Velo-orange is talking about a mixte frame. All the cool kids seem to be doing it.

2whls3spds said...

I am with you Nathan! My "typical" road frame is in the 64-65cm range. A true mixte in a large size and with high quality tubing would be a godsend. Eventually I will pay someone to provide me with one.


Dottie said...

Love my new Rivendell mixte! Please not the new fixie, though. I'm too old to be grouped with the cool kids :)