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Friday, April 17, 2009

If you link to EpicureanCyclist on your Blog...don't forget to redirect!

Just a reminder to others who might have sites that point here, be sure to point it to the new address.

If you HAVE a blog but are pointing at neither, watcha waitng for?


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moving to

Dear Loyal Readers (that means you!),
I've been blogging EC for almost a year on blogger and I think it's time to move her to a proper home (atleast someplace where I have a little more control)! I've been playing with wordpress and am taking the jump. Excuse the dust, while I migrate everything over to....

I hope you join me during the move. If you read EC through an RSS feed (wow, I sounded so techy just then!) point your RSS thingies to (thanks J)(that didn't sound so techy). (thanks J)

Thanks for reading and I hope you join me at the new digs. I'll keep EC on blogspot, as long as they're willing to have her, but it won't be updated anymore (unless I royally screw up the new site!)

Happy Tours,

Yehuda on Hiatus

Old news for some. New news for others. Somewhere in the middle for me. Yehuda Moon is on hiatus for an unspecified time. Sad to see, but totally understandable. It was great to see a cyclist in the media (for lack of a better term) that loved wool, fine bike luggage and bikes with fenders - an epicurean cyclist if I ever saw one.

Stars and 'Stache!

Looking for a fun way to dress up your bike? These are some semi-custom designs Laura came up with for my Surly last night. Both are simple and fun and are sure to turn a few inquisitive heads (especially the 'stache!).

Both the designs are pierced out by hand, hammered to fit your headtube (or any tube, for that matter), and given a slight texture and patina. These are copper, but they are available in sterling silver for the extra bling (and contrast if you have a dark colored bike).

The star can come stock as just a plain star in silver or copper. I had her pierce out an initial. (Stock Star - $45 copper, $55 sterling / Star with monogram - $60 copper, $75 sterling).

Here's the 'stache ($45 copper, $55 sterling). I love it. Cute. Understated. Gives a sly wink to those in the know. Also great for those who are hair-impaired.

If you'd like to order your own 'Stache or Star, email her today!

Which should I put on the Surly?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review: PDW's Dapper Dans

Speaking of classing up your bike, I've been riding around the last few weeks with some Dapper Dans ergo grips from Portland Design Works. Wow, these things are plush!

I mounted the grips on my Surly Steamroller turned English 3 Speed (the bike has been through many transformations). Prior to the Dapper Dans, I was rocking some shellacked cork grips, my old standby.

I have to say, prior to the Dapper Dans, I wasn't a particularly big fan of ergo grips because they always end up looking so techy/goofy. Like, whoa, your handlebar has a swollen lymph node or aero handlebar grips. You get the picture. However, these Dapper Dans really make the whole ergo thing a lot more palatable.

Functionally, they have two constricting bands that you tighten with some pretty standard allen wrenches. The bands work well to keep the grips from moving around. It's a pretty basic feature, but is nice nonetheless. When compared to shellacked cork grips, which take all sorts of voodoo to make them stay still, the constricting bands are a blessing. Similarly, they're a lot more elegant and easy to put on then say your typical OURY rubber grips.

They fit my hand really well. The fat fleshy part of my palm rests perfectly on the flat fleshy part of the grip. The leather has a real nice tactile texture that is pretty non-slip. The contrast stitching is a nice decorative touch.

There isn't a whole lot to find fault in with these grips, other than that they are a bit longer than your average ergo grips. On my Surly with the swept back Tourist bars, they ran a little long and I ran out of handlebar bar for the grips (about an inch). Still, even with one constricting band, the grips are pretty solid.

So if you are planning to use this with bar-end shifters, be sure to measure your bar to make sure you can slip them high enough on the bar before hitting a bend. Otherwise, another work around would be to get some Paul shifter pods for your bars.


-Super nice looking. I feel like I have to wear a tie when I'm rocking these grips.
-Very tactile and pleasing to the touch (though obviously not vegan friendly).
-Constricting bands make for easy installation and removal.
-Ergonomic design truly ergonomic.

-A little on the long side and may not work with some handlebar/bar-end shifter setups...use a ruler to confirm.


Spotted: Axiom Wood Front Rack

Popped into the local Bikestation today and spotted this curious Axiom "DLX Front Rack." It's a mini front rack with a wood platform.

It looks to be functionally very similar to the Nashbar mini front rack, but with a touch more class.

The finish is sort of a blasted silvery color. It's ok. For me, I would have preferred chrome or something more metallic, but it's not too shabby.

The rack appears to have pretty adjustable fittings, so there's a good chance you'll be able to dial in the fit to your bike.

A downside is that the rack is not shaped to play well with certain randonneur bags that are meant to be slipped over the back of the rack. It will still support them from the bottom, but it won't have that added stability.

I believe retail is about $45.