Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the Epicurean Cyclist

Is this site for you?



If you prefer wool to polyester, twine to electrical tape and friction to index shifting, then there's a good chance you might like this site.

I'll be writing about bike camping and touring and talk about some of the things I like. It's not for everybody. You might think some of the stuff is outdated, quaint or over-priced. That's fine too.

This site won't be perfect and I won't be able to tell you everything about everything that's out there and I may get some things wrong on occasion, but I just want to talk about some stuff I've used that I like and would recommend to a good friend.



LJ, Fort Collins CO said...

Nice site, especially since I like quaint, overpriced -- classic! touring gear.

The video review of the Ostrich Handlebar bag seemed to give a much better idea of the breadth, depth, and heft of the item than a couple of still shots ever could.

I look forward to future visits.

Shek said...

sweet. I plan to start some solo tours this year too. This will be a fun read.

markstos said...

I've enjoyed your first few posts and enjoy bicycle camping touring myself.

I just launched a blog called Bikes As Transportation which you might enjoy.

I found your site through the plug on