Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Oldie but a Goodie

A narrated slideshow I made last year about my first long-ish bike tour down the Oregon Coast. Haven't finished it yet...I know, sometimes life gets in the way. But I thought some readers might appreciate it. Talks more about the train than bicycling.

Incorporating the train on bike tours is a great way to expand your range. It's relatively inexpensive ($90 from Los Angeles to Portland WITH your bike), it's civilized (you're not carted about like can take more than 3oz of fluids with you) and it can be quite picturesque. Much more enjoyable than sitting in a pressurized cabin or a car for 20+ hours.


David said...

Great narration and music. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Love the train!

jasonk said...

Don't leave us hanging, dude. Bring out more pictures of your journey, please!
Love your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share.

Shane Rhodes said...

Very nice. I've taken that ride from Oakland to Eugene several times and love it- the 'train pace' is perfect. Now if Amtrak can just get the freight train companies to give them the right of way more often or build their own tracks maybe the 2-8 hour delays won't happen so often.

Looking forward to Part II.

Brandon said...

Good job, sounds like This American Life, complete with the ambient soundtrack and voiceover... but for biking