Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Campsite Gourmet - Spanish Tortilla

(Another great contribution from our Flickr Pool. You should join, the water's nice and the first round is free. Thanks to reader shanerh. )

It's a Spanish Tortilla
Here's my basic/simple recipe:

Olive oil
Dozen eggs
Two lg. potatoes
One lg. yellow onion
couple cloves of garlic
salt & pepper

heat olive oil Fry chopped onions for a couple minutes then fry diced garlic. When almost soft add thinly sliced potatoes. Cook until soft (add more oil and/or some water if need be). Meanwhile beat dozen eggs in bowl (or pot), add salt and pepper.
When potatoes are done let cool a bit then add to eggs. Optional- mash it up a bit and/or let the potatoes soak in the egg mixture awhile.
Pour the whole thing into the fry pan. Cook on super low heat (tough on a camp stove... might have to cook, take off, cook, take off, etc.).

When the tortilla is mostly cooked with still some runny stuff in the middle and it is brown on the bottom you get to the fun & tricky part- the flip. you'll need a plate, lid, or in this case a foil wind guard as big as the tortilla. Put the lid/plate/foil over the tortilla and flip it (do over something you don't mind getting some egg on). Now slide it back into the pan (gooey side down). Cook more on low until cooked through and brown on that side too.

Best served with mayo and/or salsa and a Tempranillo wine. Serve warm or at room temperature. Adaptions or variations would be to add mushrooms, zuchinni, chorizo, and whatever else you like to the mix but I like this traditional simple dish.
Makes a great leftover lunch too.