Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ostrich Pannier

Another quickie video tour of the Velo-Orange Ostrich Pannier...

-Looks darn classy
-Nice heavy material
-Good closures
-Some "overstuffability"

CONS (though not really deal breakers...but would be nice if they made some changes):
-A little too small for longer tours
-Not as quick to remove from the rack, like say with an Ortlieb pannier..but with practice you get pretty fast
-Wish that the lacing was more functional...unlacing would actually expand the bag


Anonymous said...

Is the weight of the pannier typically negligible. Or, does it make a difference in your riding?

RussRoca said...

The weight of the pannier itself is negligible..i leave them on my bike for no good reason

A packed pannier will affect handling, but you adjust to the handling after a few minutes...

The human rider has a great ability to adapt. I've noticed this with my cargo bikes and big loads. At first, they are unwieldy, but then I get use to the load and forget about them (until i go uphill).

Certain things like climbing standing up definitely change and take some adjustment.

ojaw said...

Could the ties on the front and back of the bag be for holding a sleep mat or sleeping bag? It seems that they should have more function than just compression/expansion.
Thanks for the reviews; great information on utile products!

RussRoca said...

ojaw....well...I thought about that, but really the laces don't seem long enough to lash down something like a sleeping bag or sleeping pad...maybe tent poles or other thin and long pieces of gear?