Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video Review : Velo-Orange Ostrich Handlebar Bag

Yay! It's my inaugural review and it's of a great product. I love this handlebar bag. Super classy and super functional. I used it to carry my DSLR while on tour to give me access for some nice shots. So here's my video review (using a Flip Ultra).

Some shots of it on a bike:


bikesplosion said...

Digging the blog so far. I ride primarily lighter road bikes these days, but I'm dreaming of building up a Surly LHT or a Kogswell someday when I can afford it. Velo Orange's stuff is beautiful. Nice work and good luck on the new venture.

twodeadpoets said...

Love the wool, the twine and canvas, and love the leather!

BTW, what is that orange thingie sticking out at the rear (behind the panniers) of your bike?


RussRoca said...


The orange thingy is an IKEA folding chair. I like to bring it along on tours. Much better to sit on that than on a dusty/dirty/wet/muddy road when you're trying to rest or cut up some salami.

On my last trip, I had a site with no picnic table, so it was nice to sit on the folding chair after a long day's ride.

bmike said...

Russ -

How has the Ostrich bag held up long term? What decaleur are you using? Is that a 1 1/8" threadless stem? What rack?

I'm in the market for a larger front bag - I have gone through the small(er) Ortliebs and such ... want something to carry most of my goodies up front.


RussRoca said...

I was actually thinking of doing a follow-up post since I've had it for a few months and have taken it on a few weekend tours...I'll do a compare and contrast when the acorn rando bag comes in and a long-term review of the ostrich...

decaleur - VO
stem - threadless 1 1/8
rack - Riv's Mark Rack (tried the Nitto mini but wouldn't mount on my 26 inch LHT)


twodeadpoets said...

Ooo, I was wondering the same thing and am looking forward to the follow up and am also looking forward to the Acorn Boxy Rando bag I ordered as well!