Thursday, August 28, 2008

Video Tutorial: Boat Cleat Quick Release!

I'm lucky to have met Chris Quint, a League of American Bicyclists instructor and long time tourist a few years ago riding down the street (he just got a Brompton and I had just purchased a Bike Friday and we were marveling at each others geeks). He's a wealth of information about touring, camping and sailing. He has probably shaped my view of bike touring more than anything I've read.

So when he's not out on his own adventures, I'm busy picking his brain. Here's a little video I made about his neat boat cleat quick release (he has a sailing background as well). QR's for Carradice bags are hard to find and when you do find them they're expensive. So here's a way to do it in an inexpensive and reliable way.

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Wayne Myer said...

That's a pretty slick tip, but the clunking of the cleat in the seat rails would drive me nuts.

The Bagman supports come in a QR version that is usually available at Peter White Cycles. I use a Bagman and find that to be an excellent solution for Carradice bags.

What's that you say? The QR version does fit well in Brooks-style saddles? Nonsense. You just need more alcohol.