Friday, August 22, 2008

Wanted: Your Participation

Hey all, so far this site is off to a great start! We got some love from Velo-Orange, Eco-Velo and Cyclelicious! There are also lots of great encouraging comments and the little YouTube video of the Ostrich gear is getting hundreds of views!


Glad to know that there's an interest in all this stuff.

So here's the skinny. I don't know everything (my girlfriend will attest to that) and I don't have unlimited funds to buy all the neat bits I'd like to feature. So, if you've got something that you think would fit the site (rack review, bags, wool stuff, camping gear, some nice cheese, etc.,) and would like to take a picture or shoot some video or write about...send me an email.

We'll talk and if it works out we can put it up here. Contributions don't have to be limited to just gear though. Some food reviews, some neat camping tricks or even a journal entry from a recent ride you took would work.

Let's get cracking and keep the momentum going.



bmike said...

I've been meaning to write up some stuff on the following... brooks leather bar tape (and now I need to twine them!), camper long flap, carradice rain cape, more wool (see a bit on wool from my 300k), i have a camping trip in the works for fall - trangia with custom made windscreen / pot stand and other bits (or i'll take my homemade stove), hammock camping, a Mark's Rack review, etc. etc.

Thanks for getting this blog going!

RussRoca said...

bmike...awesome, i'd love to see your thoughts on the carradice rain cape...have never seen one of those in the flesh before (doesn't rain much in so. cal.)....also the custom homemade stove sounds interesting! I've been meaning to make another for mine..

bmike said...

i'll have to do a photo review of the cape... works well for the shoulder seasons (spring fall) and even in the winter when we aren't getting snow.

i got sucked into some ultralite backpacking web stuff last winter and played around with stoves, windscreens, pot stands, etc... i'll have to post my bicycle spoke potstand... works with a trangia.