Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have bike...will travel

Laura and I are going for a little bike tour this Labor Day weekend. The itinerary is pretty open-ended. We'll probably start in Ventura and pass through Santa Paual, Ojai and up the 33 into the Sespe Wilderness or maybe go west into Matilla Canyon.

Not quite sure.

I have a feeling we'll decide when we get there. But that's the beauty of it all, isn't it?

We've never done any "free camping" so we might give that a try. The idea of it sounds really fun.

She's going back home to work before I do, so I'll have a day or two to just explore. Maybe I'll go north along the coast to Goleta or Refugio State Beach or maybe head for the hills and try to get to Cielo Camino, an unimproved road that runs along the ridge of the Santa Ynez mountains.

My only set appointment is that I have to meet my train at Carpenteria on Tuesday. Other than that, the central coast is my playground.

I'm bringing the Flip camera with me, so hopefully I'll come back with some worthy video to show you all. Anyway, I hope everyone gets to do some riding this holiday weekend.


boc said...

Sounds awesome. We did the Ventura to Ojai trail last weekend and it was a lot of fun. I'd love to go on our first multi-day outing this weekend but I think the campgrounds will be crazy busy and increased road traffic is not too appealing. Think we'll have to settle for another day ride or two. Any suggestions? I've heard Irvine has a nice trail.

RussRoca said...

Turnbull canyon is suppose to be nice riding if you don't mind some climbing....I've been eyeing Irvine Lake (?) it's suppose to have camping there..can anyone confirm?

Another interesting ride would be to ride Mulholland Blvd from where it starts inland to where it ends at Leo Carillo State Beach (hiker/biker)...there's a part of Mulholland that is closed from automobile traffic and it turns into dirt...

There's a few more that I've considered (in the hills north of Pasadena and Tujunga...or the San Gabriel mountains)....they all have a bit of climbing though...which isn't so bad as long as you have low enough gears and can grind through it....