Monday, December 1, 2008

Boxy Bag Bonanza!

I am a fan of the boxy bag and apparently, it's a good time to be a BB fan! Not only is Velo-Orange coming out with their own branded boxy bag, pictured here, but so is Rivendell and our favorite LA-native bike bag makers, Acorn Bags!

What a great time to be a cycle tourist!

Here's a quote from the Acorn site:

We pay homage to the classic boxy rando bag. Our main objective was to keep the design clean and utilitarian, while adding just a hint of style.

-The bag shown below is a prototype, but is 95% complete; the final might get a few minor adjustments.
-This is a "medium" size bag--11"W x 8"H x 6"D for the main compartment.
-Available in Tan or Black canvas.
-Note that a front rack is required for mounting.
-A decaleur can be added if you choose.
-It'll go on sale January 2.
-Price will be in the low $100's.

Image from the Acorn Bags site.

Here's a an excerpt from Rivendell:
In two weeks we'll have a new Nigel Smythe bag, the Big Box Bag. It is a big boxy squarish bag with the familiar features of other Nigel Smythe saddlebags----the quick-release buckles, the Scottish dry-hand duck fabric that's also used for Range Rover covers, the neat-as-a-button stitching, and the perfectly matching leather, from thick strap to thin trim (which you may take for granted, but is actually nearly seemingly impossible outside of the United Kingdom). It requires (practically) some kind of support beneath it, and the Top Rack or any other rack is ideal. You can strap it to those racks, and it's sans-a-wiggle.

(EDIT: The Riv bag is out but it's not a front boxy bag. Too bad, but still a nice bag nonetheless!)

It looks like there will be lots to choose from. Some other BBs I'm aware of are the Inujirushi Bags that Jitensha has on occasion.

And of course, the exquisite Gilles Berthoud handlebar bags that you can order from Wallingford Bicycles.

Any other boxy bag aficionados out there?


twodeadpoets said...

I am looking forward the Acorn's boxy handlebar bag. I woke up extra early this morning (Dec 1) so that I could order their large "deluxe" bag and am glad I did because a few hours later, they were sold out! I think it's time they hire a couple more sewers ;-)

Anderson Reed said...

Its exciting to see more competition and product availability in this market. I've coveted the Berthoud bags for a while but have not been able to really justify spending so much money on a bag. I hope that the increased domestic production lowers the overall prices and allows for more cottage industry type companies to grow over the next few years. For my personal gift to myself this year I think I'm going to get a Minnehaha medium saddle bag, a bag that is produced domestically and sold at a reasonable pricepoint. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when the VO bag will be available? I don't see anything on their site. Looks like it combines the best of Acorn & Ostrich.