Monday, December 22, 2008

Orange stuff!

All my good friends know my favorite color is orange. I have orange shoes, I have owned 3 orange bikes, I love orange juice, etc., So I was poking around the interwebs and found some great cycling stuff in orange. All us orange aficionados can rejoice!

Orange Wool Cycling Cap with Rivendell Logo
Kucharik Green/Orange Wool Cycling Cap
Kucharik Orange Ear Warmers
Orange Kucharik Wool LS Jersey

Rapha Club Jersey

Earth, Wind and Rider
Molteni Orange and Blue (or Black) LS Wool Jersey

Walz Caps
Burnt Orange Wool cap

Swobo Orange SS Jersey
Orange Men's Merino Sunday Bobby

Surly 1x1 Frameset


Bryan Beretta said...


I was just looking at the Kucharik jersey and ear warmers on Rivendell's site this morning! Very nice.

I'm seriously jonesin' for a Bicycle Fixation Ninja Jersey in orange merino however:

Rick said...

How'd you like one of these:

Tex69 said...

I happen to have one of those fetching 'burnt orange hats' from Walz. It's groovy man!

Eye Ball said...

I love to drink orange juice, too, but wearing anything orange in color would make me look like I'm suffering jaundice.

Anonymous said...

Yes but don't multiple shades of orange clash?

My biggest fear is shelling out for some sweet orange wear to match the Bilenky but having everything be different shades.

Jose said...

Orange rules.

I've been thinking of getting this ibex wool "fausto" jersey: