Friday, January 23, 2009

Touring through "The OC"

Is it even possible to tour in the land of The OC? The county of fake boobs, cars that cost more than most houses, and McMansion developments sprouting up around every corner (anyone here watch "Weeds"?).

Well, when I get the touring itch, I have to scratch it. So against all odds, we're going to find a suitable location to S24O in The OC. At first, I considered Irvine Lake (I didn't even know they had a lake!), but reader Carl and his friend Adrian tipped me off to O'Neill Regional Park.

I brought it up with Chris, local touring guru, and his eyes lit up. Back in '71 O'Neill Park was the site of his very first bicycle tour and his first bit of free camping. Back then, it was a different place. It was largely undeveloped and there were many dirt roads to adventure.

I think there have been changes since then.

However, I'm hopeful. By many accounts, O'Neill is suppose to offer decent camping (as far as suburban-ish camping goes). So I'm packing up my bags and getting the cooking gear together for a quick weekend out.

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Laura Crawford said...

And I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain too much. :)