Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another great weekend tour...

We got back a few hours ago and we're beat. Our trip from Long Beach to O'Neill Regional Park was a great success. We managed to find some great roads that crossed through Orange County and got us to the park. We got a bit of weather which made the trip even more magical. It didn't feel like a typical sunny blah Southern California day, but almost like Oregon. The weather also helped in keeping people off the roads and out of the campsite (almost all the sites around us were empty!).

Here are a few snaps. I also put the our route to O'Neill up on Bikely here, for those who are interested (thanks to Carl and Adrian for some route tips).

I'll post a bit more later in the week.


Dave said...

What a great bunch of photos... I love the toasting photo at the top. Its everything that's good about a bike tour: getting to your destination, being set up, making some food and feeling good about the day. I'm inspired!

JPTwins said...

Another cool trip.

I also love and have used it to find more bike friendly routes around Boston. I also just discovered THIS as a way to import google maps into GPX files for Bikely. But it looks like you either already did that or actually have a GPS. Which considering you have to ride to sites all over, a GPS sort of makes sense!

Bryan Beretta said...

Wow, awesome trip! That tree lined road is gorgeous and the campground looks quite enjoyable.

Also, nice hair change Laura!