Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Wool on Sale! IBEX outlet

I'm always poking around online for good deals on wool clothing. You guys know the drill. Resists odor, keeps you warm when wet, etc.,

I pointed out some great deals on the SWOBO site last week. This week, take a gander at what IBEX has on sale in their outlet (this is the link for the men's clothing....there is a women's outlet too)!

Of particular interest are all the great deals on wool shirts. Though perhaps not designed specifically for riding in, there is no real reason why they wouldn't work (a little cheaper than the cycling specific stuff...and you can wear them off the bike as well).

Take for example the Ridgeline Zip shirt that would make a great SS jersey for only $39.

Or these spiffy Frisko Zip S/S shirts that are sharp looking zippered polos. A great commuting shirt! Regular price was $115, sale price is $57.

Or these LS Striped Zip shirts that are reminiscent of the striped shirts on Riv, but about more than half the price at $44.

You get the idea. Anyone else have great links to good prices on wool?


Dan said...

Here in New Zealand merino sheep wander freely through our towns and cities much like pigeons in other countries ;-)

If you're after good wool stuff, Swandri is an iconic brand here in New Zealand, producing rugged woollens for farmers and hunters. Check them out, the exchange rate will work in Americans favour.

Dan said...

Oh yeah, the link

RussRoca said...

Thanks Dan...I'd gladly trade you some pigeons for sheep, btw...

GregB said...

Russ, I great appreciation for wool also, however, it is a love - hate affair. Love to wear it, hate to wash and dry it. How do you care for your wool clothing? What do you use to wash it in, and do you put it in a dryer, or air dry? Any helpful hints will be appreciated.


Patrick in Chicago said...

I am afraid to let this cat out of the bag but here in Chicago nothing beats 2-3 trips to the thrift store to find all the merino wool tops you want. They may have a moth hole and be from Brooks Brothers but a great wool layer is a great wool layer! Thin or thick just give it a few trips and you'll easily have 5-10 different tops. I have even had a friend cut the arms and sew a rubberized cloth and velro band to see how they work as arm or leg warmers...needs work but not a bad first try. I realize that this may not be as easy to find in sunny California but I'll take the weather over cheap sweaters!

Patrick in Chicago said...

I forgot to mention the average price for long sleeve and shortsleeve sweaters usually tops out at around $3.50.