Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another mini tour :)

Can't quite keep away from the road this year :) Laura and I are going on another mini weekend tour. Just an out and back to San Clemente to go to Pizza Port. If you're a craft beer fan, you're probably familiar with the brewery. They make lots of great IPAs and hoppy beer.

We're planning to camp in San Clemente and just have dinner at PP. So no cooking gear. Just clothes, our tent and the sleeping gear. We'll probably take the coast south and then try to find a hillier inland route on the return. Should be fun!


Winona said...

Sounds fun Russ - shoot me an email when you have photos and story!


akahn said...

My kind of tour... though I've never been on a tour, mini or otherwise. I've ridden my bike to the bar plenty of times though. ;)