Monday, January 5, 2009

Slideshow of images

Ok, I uploaded a bunch more photos and decided to just post a Flickr slideshow so I can get them up on the site sooner than later. Enjoy!


JPTwins said...

wait a sec!!! where's the snow?

riding just isn't the same out here in Boston with all the ice and salt and snow and grit everywhere. Sure, you can still do it, but it ain't going to look anything like those lovely pictures you just posted!

Michael said...

great photos, thanks for sharing the journey! :-)


Alan @ EcoVelo said...


Nemo said...

Great shots! I'm glad to see from your pics that I'm not the only alcohol stove lover. :)

Have you ever tried a clikstand stove? The west wind stoves like yours pictured are pretty good but I have really enjoyed the clickstand. Here is a review of alcohol stoves I enjoy:

Sacramento, CA

Apertome said...

Beautiful photos and scenery. Looks like that G10 is working out just fine, huh? Looks like an awesome trip, I'm jealous.

The Village Scribe said...

Russ, your photography is unbelievable. Positively gorgeous images. Nice work. It makes me want to get on my bike and not get off for a very, very long time. Alas, even as I type there is a sheet of ice glazing every nearby solid surface as freezing rain falls outside.