Friday, September 19, 2008

Some Stuff I've Eaten While on Tour...

I have a strange thing with photographing food I eat. Can't help it. Especially if it's a particular great meal, the photo of the food just reminds me not only of the food itself, but the sights and sounds of that particular gastrological (is that word?) moment.

So here's some photos of food and how we cooked them on my very first tour a few years ago. Some friends and I cycled down about 2/3 of the Oregon coast, eating our way through the state. At least I did.

What are some of your most memorable touring meals? (One of mine...not pictured here, was eating Tillamook bubblegum ice-cream at 9:30am for breakfast at this small gasoline station store.)

We used two small Trangia burners to cook most of the food on tour. Refueling with this stuff in a yellow bottle called HEET.

Always a good idea to pick up some locally roasted beans.

The best part of the trip was that there was free food along the roads :)

How I usually make my coffee in the AM. Gold cone filter in a cup holder. Got mine at a local Peet's before we left. It makes a great cup of coffee with no paper filters to toss out.

Fresh oysters. 'Nuff said.

Laura and I stumbled upon this small bakery while getting lost. It was fortuitous because we ended up buying this AMAZING loaf of freshly baked bread that lasted for 3 days! It was huge and dense and tasty.

Dressing up some ordinary chili with some Tillamook extra sharp cheddar.

Fresh wild salmon cooking on a camp grill. Does it get better than that?

Sure. Some local berry/chipotle marinade bought at a small coffee shop drizzled on with a titanium spork :)

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Krakowian said...

I'm not sure why the need for the coffee filter. You can make a perfect cup of coffee by simply putting the grounds into the cup, and waiting for them to sink. This will always make the perfect cup of coffee. You just need to remember to not go "bottoms up". ;-) I've been drinking my coffee this almost exclusively for several years now. Once you do this, you can always have a good cup of coffee.