Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ortlieb coffee filter in action!

You learn something new everyday. I have some Ortlieb gear but had no idea that they made a folding coffee filter holder! The Ortlieb product isn't a filter itself, but it does replace the hard plastic cones that paper filters fit into. Reader Shane enlightened me to this fact with a YouTube video demonstrating how he makes coffee on the road.

Thanks Shane for the submission! Anyone else want to share how they get their morning cup of Joe?


Hocam said...

I like to travel as light as possible when it comes to touring, so no coffee filter of any kind for me.

Instead, I buy beans and have them ground to the finest setting, usually "Turkish" grind. Simply add the grounds to the cup, pour the hot water in and let sit for a minute. Then stir so most of the grounds sink, give it another minute and scrap off any floaters from the top.

I call it cowboy coffee.

Matty said...

It seems like quite a long process for such a little amount. By the time you clean up and put everything away, you coffee is cold!

Fuzz2050 said...

I'm just a bit of a coffee snob, so I carry a Svea alcohol stove and a Nalgene french press.
It makes great coffee, even if it does weigh more than Hocam's cowboy coffee

2whls3spds said...

Coffee is coffee first thing in the morning when you need caffeine NOW! However I prefer mine fresh ground and the french press is the best way to get it going on the road.

I use a GSI They have a sweet little grinder too I don't have their grinder I use an older hand held one.