Thursday, September 4, 2008

A good read from Adventure Cycling

If you've found this site or subscribe to it via some RSS feed then you've probably read this article. But, let's say you're a new to bike camping, it may have slipped your internet searching net. So just one more time to get all the bases covered. Grant Peterson's article on S240s as it ran in Adventure Cycling magazine in PDF form, luckily still hosted by AC.

(EDIT: Fixed the PDF link! Thanks for the tip about the broken link.)


Cezar said...

Hello, the link to the ps file is missing the s at the end of it.

Joel said...

Thanks for putting that out. I'll actually be heading back to Grant's neck of the woods (grew up in Concord, next to Walnut Creek where Rivendell lives) and have been meaning to get into s24o outings.

Apertome said...

Thanks for the link, I hadn't read this yet, somehow. Great article.