Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Tour of the Tour of California Tour

Rapha and the MASH folks are all riding the Tour of California route this year. Not to be left out, I'm beginning to think I should assemble a band of bike tourists (the pannier toting kind) to tour the Tour of California route.

I've even got a great name all worked out...The Tour of the Tour of California Tour or TTTCT....3TCT.

Who's in?



Spencer Salmon said...

If I lived there I would sooooo be in. You really need to get a crew to do it though, I was thinking about how untour the tour of california is.

LegoAndy said...

Me me...
When do we start? Can we go fast? Also, are panniers mandatory? I would pack credit card and some food.

Salvo Lutzery said...

I'm in! But I won't be there for a couple of months. It'll take some time to bike from the midwest to California. Wait for me!

brian and monica said...

When do you want to do this? My wife an I may be interested. we live close to the starting point.

RussRoca said...

Wow...awesome response!

I'm going to take a look at the race route and start figuring out the "how long".

As for when, I'm thinking of Spring (coming up), either this year if I have the time or Spring of next year....or early summer.


Anonymous said...

great idea Russ. the Rapha video was fantastic. We watched the tour on Tunitas Creek Rd this past week. That is one climb that should definitely be included.

- J

ps. kelly and i are there.