Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gear Notes - Ojai Trip

Seal Skinz socks and Keen Sandals - continually impressed with the combination for wet (and muddy!) weather. Very versatile, allows for easy cleaning of both. No more hassles with wet shoes or wet socks.

Ortlieb Bike Packer Panniers - also continually impressed with the convenience of these panniers. Though not as many compartments (I use separate stuff sacks anyway) as Arkels or others, the waterproofness of the bag is very much appreciated on wet weather trips. It's nice that they're waterproof while you're riding, but even nicer at camp. You don't have to worry as much as leaving them out in the open or on a particularly damp spot.

Swobo Merino Bobby - I decided to try this out as a riding shirt on this trip. I tend to run real hot and am always stripping layers after a few miles. It worked out great. Though probably not intended as a riding jersey there's no reason you can't use it as one. On cold mornings I wore a thin wool base layer below the shirt. I think pairing it with some wool arm warmers would have worked as well and would have been less hassle to remove.

EVT Mirror - I think it's now my favorite mirror. Lots of surface area means that when it rains, you can still get a good image even when rain droplets form.

Velo-Orange Ostrich Handlebar Bag - This bag is still going strong after several trips. The fabric has gotten a little floppy but still works well. I have had to retie the little cords to insure good closure since the bag has begun to slouch a little. The little rain cap works ok but during a real downpour the bag will get a little damp. Nothing serious, but just note that.

Rivendell Wool Cycling Cap and Kachurik head band (ORANGE) - I used them together when it got really cold. I wish they'd come out with a version of the wool cap with ear warmer thingies. However, it is nice to use them independently as well. Like I said, I tend to run hot, so it's nice sometimes to cover the ears but leave the top open.

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bmike said...

Russ -

Check out the James Black cap from Bicycle Fixation. I wear it into the 20s under a helmet. Into the 30s sans skull bucket. Love it. You can fold the sides down and tuck your ears under. There are some photos on my blog with me wearing it in the snow.