Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going on another trip this weekend :)

After much debate (ok, it wasn't that hard of a sell), Laura and I are going to take advantage of the upcoming 3-day weekend. We're planning to take the train to Carpenteria and ride up to Lake Casitas, Ojai and Ventura. It may or may not rain, but we're prepared to deal with that. If anyone would like to join us on part of the route zip me an email.

It should be a fun trip. I did a portion of this trip by myself during the summer. See the pics here. Mileage is going to be pretty leisurely, leaving lots of time for pics and exploring.

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bryan said...

Have a good trip. I am enjoying the photos. I'm from LA, but I've been living in the midwest for a few years now. I like seeing all that familiar countryside in your photos, especially when it's cold and snowy here!