Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good luck Shawn and Jonathan.

I had the great luck of meeting two touring cyclists of the epicurean variety during lunch today. They were on the tail end of a two week trip from San Francisco to San Diego. Just as I was about to stuff myself with a reuben from Naples Grocer, I stopped when I spotted a porteur style rack from Pass and Stowe in their newish greyish color, a Jitensha handlebar bag (in a really lovely grey), a pair of Honjo fenders, some old school TA cyclotouriste cranks and Phil Wood hubs :)

I talked to them a bit and recommended they check out Pizza Port while they pass through San Clemente (they were beer aficionados). Anyway, good luck to you guys. When you guys get to San Deigo a good 2-3 day trip is to go to Escondido where Stone Brewing is at :) Enjoy!


Ian said...

Ahhh... Stone Brewing.

Arrogant Bastard Ale and Ruination IPA. Good stuff.

Add in their Porter as well.

Hmm.. been awhile since I've partaken of their brew. Thanks for the reminder!

david said...

yeah man - pizza port in san clemente was a godsend. we devoured three large pizzas (four of us) on our bike trip from LA to SD.

the great thing is, they messed up one of our pizzas, and we had already started eating it, so they gave us a fourth for free. hello breakfast!

Gavin said...

Somehow, I am more intrigued by the Reuben. Mmmm. Sauerkraut and Rye. It is great to see other cyclists about that love the finer things better than carbon!