Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What I'm reading : Cruising in Seraffyn

Cruising in maritime-speak is the equivalent to bicycle touring. And there is perhaps no book more influential about cruising than Lin and Larry Pardey's "Cruising in Seraffyn." All my friends who enjoy sailing have constantly referred to this book. And one friend who enjoys both sailing and bike touring recommended it as a MUST read.

The Pardeys' creed is "Go Small. Go Simple. Go Now." Sage words indeed. I've barely cracked the book open but I'll be taking it with me to Joshua Tree and should have a book report done by the time I get back :)

Here's an excerpt from the introduction.

The decision to go is the hardest part of the whole project. There always seem to be so many reasons not to go:children, aging parents, a business or job you've worked so hard to develop...But if you are determined to go, you'll analyze each of these factors and probably discover that each problem can be solved. If not, it may be just an excuse to hide your fear of heading into the unstructured existence that a cruising life seems to represent.

Sounds a lot like going on an epic bike tour doesn't it?


mtbmaven@yahoo.com said...

You might enjoy Colin Angus' Beyond the Horizon: The Great Race to Finish the First Human Powered Circumnavigation of the Earth.

I read this on my trip to China two years ago. What a page turner. If you like adventure books, this is a must read.

2whls3spds said...

Cruising in Seraffyn is and excellent book. I would also recomend reading the ones written by Tristan Jones Unbelievably good reading. Funny how sailing and cycling uses the same mindset.