Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lightening the load...

Perhaps it's reading Crusing in Serrafyn, or maybe because it's getting closer to finally heeding the road's siren song, but I'm considering selling a great amount of my camera gear to fund future adventures. I know many here are photographers and aficionados (in the Hemingway sense of the word) with discerning taste so some of you may be interested.

Here's a partial list. If you're interested, zip me an email. Everything is in good working condition. Used not abused and with many decades of life still in them.

Rolleiflex 2.8 with prism finder and close-up filters
Leica 111a with collapsible Summar 2.0 (includes yellow contrast filter)
Kobalux 21mm 2.8 with finder (slight crack in finder...doesn't affect picture)
Leica M4P Black
Leica M2 Silver
28mm 1.8 Ultron in M-Mount
Super Graflex (late model Graflex) - 4x5 camera with 135mm lens

Nikon F100
Nikon D100 + Sigma 18-50 2.8



Joe said...

Where's all the nikon gear?

MTBMaven said...

What are you asking for for the D100? Email is you would like to MTBMaven at yahoo dot com

johnson said...

ha, i didnt see this list when i posted the comment on your gear review. you have all of this film gear and you took a digital camera on your trip?? that said the pics turned out well.