Monday, November 3, 2008

The polls are closed...

Probably not the most important vote you'll cast this year (or this week...VOTE tomorrow too!) Here are the results of the handlebar poll. It looks like the drops have it.

Drops - 54% (85 votes)
Swept Back - 15% (24 votes)
Straight - 12% (19 votes)
Mustache - 8% (13 votes)
Trekking - 5% (9 votes)
H-bar - 3% (6 votes)

In the comments, it seemed that many were multi-bar users. Horses for courses. Not every bar is suited for every task so we use many types of bars. I'm particularly excited about the current crop of new handlebar options that Velo-Orange has and a shift I'm noticing to swept-backs. It's nice to see a variety of handlebar options out there these days. Something for everyone.

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