Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anyone doing tours this holiday season?

The holidays mean days off. Days off means days on the bike, which logically translates to an excuse/reason to bike tour! Laura and I have been itching to hit the road but time constraints and that thing called "money" sometimes puts a kink in our plans. But we're determined, so this Turkey Day weekend we're doing a multi-modal credit-card tour.

The first leg is to get to my parents house in Sunland from Long Beach. This translates to taking a few trains and braving the San Fernando Valley streets. I've never ridden there before so hopefully they have improved since the last time I lived in the "valley."

The second leg is doing that trip in reverse. Sunland to Long Beach, then taking a bus from Long Beach to Laguna Beach. From Laguna we're riding to San Clemente where our hotel is and where Pizza Port is. Pizza Port is a craft brewer that makes some awesome beer. Hands down some of my favorite brews. If you see it at your local beverage purveyor, be sure to grab a bottle or three.

The next day we're off to Oceanside (through Camp Pendleton) then inland to Escondido to stop at Stone Brewery (another great beer maker). Sense a theme here?

The following day is a short day of exploring N. San Diego then back to Oceanside where we'll catch the Amtrak to Anaheim, then ride home from there.

Have bike (and suitcase), will travel.

Since this tour is a CC (credit-card) tour, we won't be carrying camping equipment. I'll be testing out the Ortlieb Shuttle Bike on this tour, which should be great since we're expecting rain. Some people see rain, I see an opportunity to test and play with my waterproof gear :)

Happy Turkey Day to all! This might be my last post for a few days. Thanks again to all you readers!

We're covering a bit of land this weekend, without once stepping foot in a car.


lyan! said...

I realize the ride from Long Beach to Laguna isn't the prettiest, but it's not a bad ride, you should do it if anything for the reason to show those mercedes-driving OCers.

RussRoca said...

lyan....ha! I've ridden it before and it is a nice stretch, esp. around crystal cove!

i think we would have considered it, but we're starting in the San Fernando valley that day and won't be able to make it in by we're going to use transit most of the way that day...

as it is, I think we're scheduled to get in around 4pm if we don't tarry too much...