Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tripping with the Cargo Bike...

I've been meaning to make some small vids from the last few trips I took. I had some time this weekend and put together a short one from my trip to Corvallis, OR with Laura. We were there on business (mostly). She had a jewelry show and I was shooting some food.

Laura was carrying all her jewelry in a Pelican case (you can see it strapped to the back of her bike) and I had my camera gear in a LowePro backpack strapped to the front of the Bilenky.

The train trip took about 28 hours from Los Angeles to Corvallis. There was a slight delay (which seems par for course), but wasn't too bad. In the video, you can see the baggage car zip up with the bike boxes. It takes two bike boxes slipped into each other to fit the Bilenky. You can also see me assembling the rack and wrapping marine safety net around it. It acts as a sling that holds my gear (and adds suspension). It's not the prettiest solution but it works.

When we arrived it was raining. Usually not a big deal, but we were totally unprepared for it. The weather had been pretty consistently hot and sunny leading up to our trip and we assumed that it would last. All I had was wool and no waterproof layers, so it was a test to see how the claim that "wool keeps you warm when wet" holds up.

I had on a short sleeve merino shirt with an Earth Wind Rider bike polo jersey on top. At one point, the sky really opened up. To the point where I could barely see in front of me the water was so dense. It didn't last very long, but it was enough to thoroughly soak us.

We lived. The wool helped. I think we fared a lot better than if we were just wearing cotton or some polypro jersey that doesn't provide any insulation.


JPTwins said...

Wow, I haven't tried the wool in rain yet, at least not without a windbreaker. Thought i have to say my "windbreaker" is clearly not a "rain-breaker" and thus doesn't keep me too dry.

Sounds like a great trip even with the rain.


zman said...

Were you shooting that with the flip ultra?

RussRoca said...

zman...yeah that was with a Flip