Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A great piece of writing...

If you're not a reader of Kent's Bike Blog, quickly add it to your bookmarks or feed reader. His current post "A Philosophy of Adventure" is wonderful reading. Not only because it is about bikes, but it because it is well written with great gems of prose.

One observation he makes that I have recently come to realize is this:
My friend Mark and I have often noted the inverse relationship between information and adventure. You need only a goal to get going and general skills to get back, but too much planning and preparation ensure only that you execute a plan while loosing out on adventure.

The first few bicycle trips I took were pretty rigidly planned. We knew where we were going to eat and where we were going to sleep and what we were going to see during the day. However, the last few jaunts I've taken, I've left things a little more open ended. I had a "broad plan" as Kent likes to refer to it and the gumption to go. Usually a general map of the area and an idea of where I'd like to be. However, I keep myself open to serendipity.

It's sort of like knowing how a movie is going to end. Once you know who lives and who dies, you're just burning film and time until you get to the credits. But if you're really in suspense, every detail is a possible clue, every bit of dialogue is imbued with meaning and that escape from mundane reality into adventure is achieved.

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