Friday, April 10, 2009

Ian Hibell Video

Sent in by a reader Scott! Great find. Up until now I had only seen the grainy Darrien Gap video. This is awesome!


Tavis said...

I apologize for the off-topic comment, and my apologies also to velo-orange, but I thought this might be of interest to the readers. sells mostly to woodworkers ordering large quantities of shellac, however they do have 4oz. samples, in a plethora of colors for $7. Seems like more than enough for 2 sets of bars, though I haven't actually used it yet.

Miguel said...

Excellent, thanks for posting that. Over at youtube there's one more video, of Ian and 2 colleagues crossing through the Darien (Colombia/Panama) part of which is swamp. Unbelievable.

MTBMaven said...

Wow that Darien Gap clip was amazing. Thanks for posting that.

I am going to investigate books by Ian for my trip to Iceland this summer. I like good adventure books when traveling.